In the studio of Zbigniew Gostomski (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), 1983

Aleksander Roszkowski was born in 1961 in Warsaw. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under the supervision of Jacek Sienicki and Zbigniew Gostomski. He received a diploma from the Faculty of Painting in 1985. As a student of two outstanding teachers, he tried to reconcile their diverse concepts of painting.


Having completed his studies, Roszkowski stayed in the academy and began teaching. He also took part in plein-air painting sessions of the academy and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. As late as 1987, his works were presented to the foreign audience within the framework of the promotion of Polish visual artists by the Institute of Polish Culture, in Stockholm and in Vienna. Those exhibitions were a prelude to the individual exhibition in the renowned Andre Zarre Gallery in New York in 1989. Roszkowski’s works were also shown at key exhibitions in the second half of the 1980s, such as “Świeżo Malowane. Młode malarstwo polskie lat 1982–1987” (English: “Freshly Painted. Polish Painting in 1982–1987”) in Zachęta and “Arsenał ’88” (English: “Arsenal ’88”) where the artist received an award for painting from the international jury chaired by Roman Opałka. In 1989, his works were also presented at the “Na obraz i podobieństwo” (English: “In His Own Likeness, After His Image”) exhibition in the Norblin Factory.


At the moment, he divides his time between two studies: in Warsaw and in the Suwałki Region, the landscape of which is an infinite source of inspiration.

Selected individual exhibitions:

- “Aleksander Roszkowski. Paiting”, BWA, Olsztyn

- „“Nowe Obrazy” (English: “New Paintings”), FIBAK Gallery, Warsaw

- Galerie Brantebjergen, Nakke (Denmark)

- Gallery Futaba, Nagoya, Japan

- Galerie Bram, Bramslev Bakker (Denmark)

- Galeria Brama, Warsaw

- Galerie Light, Berlin

- Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

- Galeria Test, Warsaw


Selected group exhibitions:

- “Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Polen”, Galerie Guth Maas, Reutlingen (Germany)

- Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair, Nagoya (Japan)

- “The Expressive Struggle”, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York

- “Polnische Malerei der 80-Zinger Jahre”, Haus Dornbush, Frankfurt am Main

- Galerie Kabiesz, Düsseldorf

- Sollentuna Art Fair, Stockholm

- “Red and White”, Warsaw, Amsterdam

- “East Meets West”, International Art Auction, Tokyo, Mechelen

- “Den Abne Dor”, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

- “Heute – Polonishe Kunst”, Grevenbroich (Germany)

- “Na Obraz i Podobieństwo” (English: “In His Own Likeness, After His Image”), The Former Norblin Factory, Warsaw

- “Krytycy o nas” (English: “Critics about us”), BWA Gallery, Sopot

- Arsenal ‚88 (prize in the painting category), Warsaw

- “Świeżo Malowane. Młode malarstwo polskie lat 1982–1987” (English: “Freshly Painted. Polish Painting in 1982–1987”), Zacheta, Warsaw

- “Um Uns Herum…Warschauer Woche in Berlin”, Berlin

- 14th Festival of Contemporary Polish Painting, Szczecin

- 13th Jan Spychalski Polish National Competition for a Painting (two honorary distinction), Poznan

- 1st Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennale, Kalisz

- 13th Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting, Szczecin